LEAD Fall Conference

Call for Session Presenters - Applications Due Sunday, October 10, 2021

Please note: Presenters under the age of 13 may not submit their own application. Please have your adviser/conference chaperone submit the application on your behalf. By initiating a submission below, you indicate that you are at least 13 years of age and able to submit your own application to the 2021 LEAD Fall Conference.


Are you a prospective speaker or presenter who wants to share a workshop on a program, product, or service? If you represent an organization, public, non-profit, or corporate, please contact NASSP's strategic solutions partner MCI for opportunities to highlight your organization to our student and school leader audience. Conference workshops are intended for student and school leaders from the NASSP membership and network to share in-school practices and learnings.

Organizations wishing to present at NASSP events, please contact Ben Anderson at MCI at ben.anderson@mci-group.com.

Session proposal submissions are now open for the LEAD Fall Conference. There is no compensation for presenting a Workshop or Meet the Pro session. Please select one of the presenter types below for more information and to begin your application:
Student or Adult led Workshop | Meet the Pros Session

If you realize an error has been made after submitting your information, please email info@leadconferences.org, providing your name, school name, and the corrections to be made.

Important Reminder: If additional information is needed, the primary presenter and conference adviser will be notified by LEAD Conference staff.

Meet the Pros

New Submissions Closed.

Student or Adult led Workshop Presenters

New Submissions Closed.

Instructions for Session Submission Steps

  1. Session Info

    All presenters are required to submit the following:

    • Workshop/Meet the Pros title
    • Submitter email — so that we can send an initial notification and remind you to complete your submission if you haven't yet added a presenter.
    • Presenter type — adviser or non-adviser adult, student
    • Presentation method
      • 100% Live thru Zoom meetings (Requires a consistently strong wifi signal or hardwired Internet connection)
      • 100% Recorded (need recording by Oct. 25, 2021)
    • Audience level — high school, middle level, or both
    • Appropriate Audiences — Students, Advisers, or both
    • Have you presented this workshop before for a conference?
    • Workshop Summary — Summarize your workshop, highlighting any special qualities that makes it a "must have" at the LEAD Fall Conference and include how you plan to present the material to your audience (small group discussion, video, activity, etc.). May not exceed 100 words.
    • Goals — explain the goals of your session. Identify the desired outcomes you have for your session -- what skills or information do you want participants to take away from your session? Goals may not exceed 250 words.
    • Description for Program — a two-sentence "advertisement" that will entice delegates to attend your session. If selected, this will be used in the conference program/schedule. Sentences should be catchy, but also clearly identify what the session is about. May not exceed 50 words.
    • Intellectual Property— I verify that the content of my session is my personal intellectual property and indemnify NASSP on the chance copyright infringement is claimed against my session or the like.
    • Recording and Archiving - I grant permission for my presentation/session to be live streamed during the conference and the recorded content to be made available on the conference website for three months to registered attendees.

  2. Select Topic

    Choose the one topic category most closely related to your submission. Available topics are:

    • College and Career Readiness [Personal Essays, Interviews, Admissions, Personal Branding]
    • Council/Chapter Operations [Organization, Constitutions/Bylaws, Team Building, Meeting Management, Officer Training]
    • School Climate & Culture [Recognition, Awards, School Events - spirit/dances/competitions/etc., Character, Ethics, Anti-Bullying, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion]
    • Service [to School or Community, Service Learning, All school service events, Charitable Fundraising]
    • Student Voice [Advocacy, Forums, Elections, RSVP]
    • Other — if selected, you will be required to fill in a topic category.

  3. Add People

    All sessions must have only one (1) person as the primary presenter. You may choose to add 1-2 additional persons as co-presenters. Student workshops must also include an adviser and a principal name listed. Both your adviser and principal will be notified of your proposal submission. Workshops submitted by advisers must include the principal at the adviser's school, who will be notified of the submission.

    The following information will be collected (optional unless specified):

    • First Name — required for everyone
    • Last Name — required for everyone
    • Position/Job Title (non student/adviser persons)
    • Grade Level — 8th through 12th, Adviser, or Other Adult; required for everyone
    • Email Address — required for everyone
    • Primary Presenter Cell Phone Number
    • Presentation Experience — list up to two other organizations you have presented for, and the years of these presentations; required for presenters
    • School/Organization Name — required for everyone
    • Street Address
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Country
    • Zip/Postal Code
    • Personal Photo — a high resolution photo (1MB - 4MB) of yourself (in jpg or png format) and any co-presenters; required for everyone

  4. Confirmation

    The last step of session submission involves reviewing what you have entered and pressing "Confirm and Submit" to receive a confirmation email message. Applications that have not been officially submitted/confirmed will not be considered.